Radio & Audio Bronze Winner @ Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2023

Unfortunately, TikTok isn't a 2022 World Cup sponsor. But we really want it to connect with it (sorry FIFA). 
But how?! Putting the biggest voice of brazilian football in the app. 
We started all of in a very brazilian (and Galvão Bueno) way: during a game, in the biggest brazilian soccer championship, in the middle of the crowd, Galvão Bueno showed his sign "Mom I'm on TikTok".
Latest on this same super sunday, we presented everybody that his voice is now on TikTok!

Galvão Bueno and TikTok: the greatest narrator of all time. The voice of 2 world cup titles (and hopefully another one this year), of the infamous 7x1, of Ayrton Senna F1 Title and many other sports Brazilian National teams ever won. Now, he can narrate anything you do on TikTok.
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